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Compulsory Subjects
A. English
B. Alternative English / MIL
Elective Subject
C. The following combination are allowed:
1. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology
2. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics
3. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Application

Compulsory Subjects
A. English
B. Alternative English / MIL
Elective Subject
C. Any four of the following subject
1. Economics
2. Political Science
3. Logic & Philosophy
4. Education
5. Mathematics
6. Statistics
7. Geography
8. Advance Assamese / Arabic / Computer Application

A. English
B. Alternative English / MIL
C. The following subjects are compulsory
Elective Subject
1. Accountancy
2. Business Studies
3. Third Elective subject
(any two of the following)
a) Economics
b) Commercial mathematics and Elements of Statistics
c) Computer Application

Combination of Subjects Degree Semester Courses Subject Combination of Arts Faculty in Major Courses.

(Subsidiary Subjects (Select two Subjects choosing only one from any two groups of the subjects listed below)

MajorCompulsory Subject
EducationGeneral EnglishPol.Sc/Geog/PsyTTMEco/Phil Sns/Arb/Asl/His MIL(Asm/Beng/Hin/Alt E)

Political Science General EnglishGeogEdu/TTM Eco/Phil Sns/Arb/Asl/His MIL(Asm/Beng/Hin/Alt E)

Philosophy General EnglishPol.Sc/Geog/PsyEdu/TTM EcoSns/Arb/Asl/His MIL(Asm/Beng/Hin/Alt E)

HistoryGeneral EnglishPol.Sc/GeogEdu/TTM Eco/Phil   Sns/Arb/Asl MIL(Asm/Beng/Hin/Alt E)

SanskritGeneral EnglishPol.Sc/GeogEdu/TTM Eco/Phil Asl/His MIL(Asm/Beng/Hin/Alt E)

ArabicGeneral EnglishPol.Sc/GeogEdu/TTM Eco/Phil Asl/His MIL(Asm/Beng/Hin/Alt E)

Assamese General EnglishPol.Sc/GeogEdu/TTM Eco/Phil   Sns/Arb/Asl/His MIL(Asm/Hin/Ben)

HindiGeneral EnglishPol.Sc/GeogEdu/TTM Eco/Phil Sns/Arb/His MIL(Hin/Beng/Alt E)

BengaliGeneral EnglishPol.Sc/GeogEdu/TTM Eco/Phil Sns/Arb/Asl/His MIL(Asm/Beng/Alt E)

EconomicsGeneral EnglishPol.Sc/GeogEdu/TTM Eco/Phil Sns/Arb/Asl/His MIL(Asm/Hin/Alt E)

GeographyGeneral EnglishPol.Sc/GeogEdu/Math/TTMPhil  Sns/Arb/Asl/His/Stat MIL(Asm/Beng/Hin/Alt E)

MathematicsGeneral EnglishPol. Sc   Edu/TTM Eco/Phil   Sns/Arb/Asl/His MIL(Asm/Beng/Hin/Alt E)

StatisticsGeneral EnglishPol.Sc/Geog   Edu/TTM Eco/Phil Sns/Arb/Asl/His/Stat MIL(Asm/Beng/Hin/Alt E)

EnglishGeneral EnglishPol.Sc/GeogEdu/Math/TTM Eco/Phil Sns/Arb/Asl/His MIL(Asm/Beng/Hin/Alt E)

Subject combination of Arts Faculty in General Courses
Subsidiary Subjects (Select three Subjects choosing only one from any three groups of the subjects listed below)

Compulsory Subject
  General EnglishPol. Sc/Geog/Psy Edu/Math/TTM Eco/Phil Sns/Arb/Asl/His/Stat MIL(Asm/Hin/Beng/Alt E)

Subject combination of Science Faculty in Major / General Courses
Subsidiary Subjects (Any following combination of the subjects)

Major / General Compulsory Subject
Combination - I  Combination - II  Combination - III
Physics Functional English
Chemistry, Mathematics Statistics, Mathematics
Chemistry Functional English
Physics, Mathematics 

BotanyFunctional English
Chemistry, Zoology Chemistry, Biotechnology
Zoology Functional English
Chemistry, BotanyChemistry, Biotechnology
Mathematics Functional English
Physics, Chemistry Physics, Statistics Economics, Statstics
StatisticsFunctional English
Physics, Mathematics Economics, Mathematics
Geography Functional English
Botany, Zoology 

EconomicsFunctional English
Mathematics, Statistics

Subject combination of Commerce Faculty in Major / General Courses

Semester General Papers Core Papers Specialised Paper
(Major in anyone)
1st 101 Business Mathematics / Fundamental of Insurance
(Business Mathematics Compulsory for Major)
102 Financial Accounting - I

103 - Business Organisation & Entrepreneurship Development

104 Indian Financial System
105 Cost Accounting (Accy)

105 Human Resource Management (MGT)

105 Rural & Micro Finance (Fin)
2nd201 Communicative & Functional English - I / Functional MIL - I202 Financial Accounting - II

203 Principles of management

204 Business Statistics
205 Management Accounting (Accy)

205 Human Resource Planning & Development (Mgt)

205 Micro Credit Institution (Fin)

3rd 301 Environmental Studies

302 Communicative & Functional English II / Functional MIL II
303 Corporate Accounting

304 Direct Taxes

305 Corporate Law
306 Advanced Corporate Accounting (Accy)

306 Industrial Relation & Labour Laws (Mgt)

306 Financial Institutions & Markets (Fin)
4th401 Business Economics402 Auditing & Asssurance

403 Indirect taxes

404 Financial Services
405 Advance Financial Accounting (Accy)

405 Cost & Management Accounting (Mgt)

405 International Banking (Fin)
5th501 Business Environment502 Marketing Management

503 Financial Management

504 Regulatory Framework of Business - I
505 Financial Statement Analyses (Accy)

505 Customer Relations & Retail Trade Management (Mgt)

505 International Trade (Fin)
6th601 Information Technology in Business602 Marketing of Science

603 Modern Banking Practics

604 Regulatory Framework of Business - II
605 Project Report (on any topic of commerce, Economics, Business, Industry or Service Sector)

(Common for all Major Students)

What does it all costs

H.S. 1st yearTDC 1st & 2nd Semester
                      Arts/Commerce                 Science                                     Arts/Commerce                         Science
Boys             Rs. 4,120.00                          Rs. 4,740.00 Major Course            Rs. 4,950.00                                 Rs. 5,630.00
Girls              Rs. 3,520.00                          Rs. 4,020.00  General Course       Rs. 4,830.00                                 Rs. 5,450.00

Note: An additional amount of (1) Rs. 1,500/- for Biotechnology as Elective subject. (2) Rs. 300/- for Gepgraphy (Arts) & Education (Major) as laboratory fees. The College Authority reserves the right to change the fees structure.


The students selected for admission, after clearing all the documentation formalites must deposit their respective admission fees immediately at the Assam Gramin Vikash Bank, located at the college premises failing which the claim for admission will not be entertained.



                 The Department of History started its postgraduate course from 2012. It can accommodate thirty (30) students each year. The M.A. programme in History consists of four semesters of 400 marks each, total of which is 1600. Each semester has 5 courses. One course in each semester is an elective course. Group options (Ancient, Medieval and Modem) are indicated by A, B and C respectively. A candidate must opt for the same group thoughout the optional courses.


                The Department of Assamese was the first department in Nowgong College where Post Graduate course was introduced under the Gauhati University in 1991.The intake capacity in the course is forty.

Provisions for specialisation. (a) Language (B Group) (b) Literature (A Group)


           The Department of Botany started the postgraduate course in 2011 under Gauhati University. The intake capacity of students in this postgraduate course is 13. Students can opt for the following special papers in higher semester : (a) Mycology and Plant Pathology (b) Plant Ecology.


                  The postgraduate course in Chemestry was started in 2013 under Gauhati University. The present intake capacity of student in this course is twelve.


                  The department of philosophy has started the postgraduate programme under Gauhati University from 2014. The present intake capacity of student in this course is twenty.


                 The department of English has started the postgraduate programme under Gauhati University from 2015. The present intake capacity of student in this course is ten.


                   The Education department of the college is going to open postgraduate course from the session 2016. The intake capacity of student in this course is Twenty Five.What does it all costs


Nowgong College has a regular study center under Indira Gandhi National Open University. The center offers a good number of Post Graduate and Under Graduate degree, diploma and certificate courses of various disciplines. A unique course called Bachelor of Preparatory Programme (BPP) is also offered under the center in which any student without formal education such as HSLC, HS etc. may offer this programme and after successful completion of the same, can go for undergraduate course in IGNOU. Besides these programmes, the center also provides the facility of dual degree course for students of regular mode of the college. Any regular student can select and study a programme of IGNOU having requisite qualification simultaneously. Following are the programmes offered under IGNOU of Nowgong College Study Centre 04171:

Post Graduate Programmes :- English (MEG), Hindi (MHD), Public Administration (MPA), History (MAH), Sociology (MSO), Political Science (MPS), Social Work (MSW).

Under Graduate Programms: - Tourism Studies (BTS), Bachelor of Arts & Commerce (BA/ B. COM), Social Work (BSW).

Diploma: - Nutrition and Health Education (DNHE), Creative Writing in English (DCE), Tourism Studies (DTS).

Certificate Course :- Disaster Management (CDM), Environmental Studies (CES), Rural Development (CRD), Teaching English (CTE).

For further details please contact: - Mr.Krishna Kanta Medhi, Coordinator, IGNOU, and Phone No. - 03672-231262


Nowgong College offers the following courses under IDOL Centre:

1. MA in Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, English, Nepali, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Education. MA I M.Sc. in Economics, Mathematics, IT MCA, Communication & Journalism and M.Com 

2. P.G. Diploma in Sales & Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Finance Management, Business Management, Insurance & Risk Management, Journalism and Mass Com., Computer Application. 

3. BCA, B.Sc., IT, B.A. (Gen), B.Com. (Gen). Students are allowed to pursue BA & B.Com. (General Course) with MIL (Assamese, Alt. English, Nepali, Hindi), English, Political Science, Education, Phi­losophy, Economics and History through distance mode under the IDOL, Gauhati University. 

For further details please contact :Mr. Sailen Sharma, Coordinator, IDOL, Ph. No. : 94352-24634


The affiliating branch at Nowgong College of KKHSOU offers the following courses: BA, B.Com, BBA, BCA and BPP, MA in Political Science and Education

Further details please contact Dr.Ranjit Kr.Mazindar, Coordinator, Phone No. 9207049748


Nowgong College has introduced a flexible system of Certificate I Diploma I Advanced Diploma Programme which will run parallel to the conventional B.A., B.Com. and B.Sc. degrees.

The objective of this scheme is to introduce career and market-oriented, Skill enhancing add-on courses that have utility for job, self-employment and empowerment of the students. At the end of three years, the students will be equipped with a Certificate I Diploma I Advance Diploma in an add-on orientation course along with a conventional degree in Science I Arts I Commerce. 

The courses are - 




For details please contact Courses Coordinator: 

Fashion Desigining : Dr. Nabaprashed Nath 

Entrepreneurship Development : Dr. Dipankar Baidya

Computer Application : Mr. Indu-Bhushan Roy

Certificate Courses in Foreign Language

• Chinese • French • German

For Details please contact

Course Coorninator : Ms. N.D. Paul, Phone No. 94350-83688